As the saying goes, they should all safeguard this alliance, even if they do it, they should also safeguard its stability and prevent it from being broken one by one by Emperor Gou Chen.

Protecting injured allies is the first and necessary step. …… …… "hey!" Seeing this in heaven, Emperor Gou Chen could not help sighing and withdrew his idea of continuing to make moves. Everyone reacted quickly and didn’t give him a second chance. Otherwise, he didn’t have a chance to slay several great magical powers. However,

Separated from the five people, Sun Qi went back to the park last night. He wanted to make sure that what he thought was "this is it". Looking at the mess and the huge mutation of the heavy-horned snake swept through the place, Sun Qi showed sharingan’s magic of carrying water and started the fairy mode just in case.

"I found the mysterious stone in the mutant wing-eared rabbit, so there must be a mutant heavy-horned snake." The only way to kill the mutant heavy-horned snake is to channel an animal that is stronger than the specific-horned snake, that is, a five-star animal "Wait a minute." Suddenly, Gong Sunqi ignored a question, a very


Ring the doorbell 216! Ding dong … In a short time, the door of the apartment was knocked by a well-maintained woman with a beautiful charm. Helen Stacy, George Stacy’s wife! Helen smiled and hugged Kate immediately after seeing Kate and Mark, and said happily, "Kate, long time no see! Happy holidays!" " "Happy holidays,

The car was dim and Jinshui looked at Hanyu gloomily and said, "The ground can’t be too handout, but it can’t have no bottom line at all. I’m going to move. Once his business is leaked, I can’t stand in South Shanghai."

"It’s just the two of us in the car. I said that you can’t listen to the third person’s ears." Hanyu leaned forward and lit a cigarette and smiled and continued. "Your people now have opinions about Qiu Wu and Qin Yu, and they are also very dissatisfied with Shan Yang’s way of cutting cakes.

Then a blood mountain broke through the sky!

Su Mo, Qi and blood, generate, black hair, dancing and waving a blood quenching knife, drew a huge bloody semicircle in half, and almost cut heaven and earth in half! Poop, poop, poop! At least ten Luo Cha was cut by this blood mountain. They can’t resist such a terrorist force. Three Luo Cha were

Listen to Qiao Gongshan, so Yu Zhining Er Zhu Huan smiles at one another, and the overall situation is set.

And Qiao Gongshan is also laughing internally. The next day, after Qiao Gongshan signed the document, Er Zhu Huan Yu Zhining left the ship and disappeared. To be continued. 1227651926531 Chapter one hundred and one Innocence Lishan hot spring palace The mountain is heavily guarded by the Li Tang Royal Guards. Now Tang gaozu has

However, the imperial court didn’t think that it was the court that targeted the Tiger and Leopard Army and a series of institutions in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, which not only did not make the people in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces turbulent and chaotic, but gave Wei Zheng an opportunity to eliminate dissidents and completely turn them into their own base areas.

The imperial court knows that it is impossible to make the people in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces unstable by blockade alone. At the same time, a large number of secret orders also entered the hands of all the officials, gentry and landlords in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces They are spreading rumors in Shaanxi and Shaanxi

Qin Yu looked up at her and smiled and lifted the poker. "I finally got an A after playing all night."

"Who got the third place?" Mary twist a head to look at all asked. "I’m not. I am." "What are you smoking?" “……!” Everyone shouted, but they couldn’t find the 3, while Lu Dang was sitting on the sofa talking. "What is he playing with?" Gu Yan got up and turned over the brand of

But ….. Even though this is a magic weapon for protection, it’s just comparable to the early days of the Temple. How can you resist your powerful attack without being beheaded?

At this time, a mess figure of wet pollution in the central part of Shui Bo has been incredibly up again! He wears a dark black half-masked silver awn sword seal flashing! The intact mask shows that blood is dripping and dripping in muddy shallow water. It turns out that Luo Yu is not a

LiGuZhu a cold hum.

Luo Feng’s face sank. "Even Long Chan has to give me Laurence family face to face, and he will be more polite to him. Don’t be shameless …" Wang Yike was reddish and was about to speak. Wang Qiong stretched out his hand and stopped him and said softly, "Don’t be difficult for the heads

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